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Сообщения за Ноябрь, 2017

A day from your future life!

Hey. Since I practice and experience different tools and methods regarding goal setting and maximum achievements, I would like to share an interesting experience.
       Not so far ago, I was thinking about the concept, that if you want to be a successful person- you have to do what successful people do. In a way - you do not have to reinvent the wheel. I like partially this idea. Because you can learn a lot from successful people and move better to you own results. But I do not feel me super comfortable with this idea, since I would like to have my own way of leaving, not copying somebody's life. Why that  I realized, that if I have already understood what I want to be in my life - I have to describe how my day from this "dream life" will be. And here I am talking about usual day, since relaxing on the beach and drinking pina colada is something awesome, but make me feel bored super fast!
      So, how do I imagine my usual daily life being already who I want to …

How to make a step from DREAM to GOAL?

To dream about something is very nice and feels so secure. And once you decided to realize this DREAM  you have to take some RESPONSIBILITY and you have to take ACTIONS! At this state your dream becomes a GOAL! This is what stop many people to have goals! There is much more comfortable to just dream about what you would like to have in your life, then really work on this, isn't it? Actions scare a lot of people, that is why the majority of people never succeeding. Where do you want to be?
    It's your choice - you can talk about wanting to have a great business. And you can talk about how you want to advance your career. Or you can actually make your goals become a reality!
    Being comfortable and live in the dreams or create your own success, exploring what you are up to do, moving to real RESULTS!

  What changes when you decide to transform you dream into a goal?

You clearly see in which direction you have to walk!You willsee clearly what is the first step of your jour…