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7 interesting things about your brain!

We all  knows a lot of concepts that boost our productivity, or diminish it. Sometimes we know the concept, but we don't know what is behind it, how our brain works in certain situations.
     For example, why multitasking is not efficient for our productivity?
     Or why do we understand the feeling of other people?

     Do you want to discover interesting facts about our brain work? Here it is:

Give and receive - my credo of the happy life! Reflection on my birthday!

Today is my Birthday and I feel me super happy to be surrounded by my lovely family, friends and all other people I met on my life path. Today, I am turning 28 and I experience so much love to all special people in my life and feeling happiness to be who am I and be where am I today.

     What makes my life full of meaning, happiness and love is the principle of given and receiving.
I would like to share this on my personal example, since it could also make somebody happier!
     Every time I am part of a project or organization, or group of people I always ask myself which value I can give to what we do together and also people, who involved in this. I can't say I always succeed, but I learn to put put my energy in everything I do, as it could be the last time. The fascinating think is that you have enough energy and resources to add value and make people around you feel special!
     For example, I was doing a lot of volunteering, since I saw how training could make other p…

What do you have to think about, starting a business.

Starting a business is a new adventure in life of anybody who decided to become an entrepreneurial. And there are a lot of things you have to think and plan in order to make your business successful on the market.
      Let me present you 6 the most important things I have answered myself when I started my own company.

1) What value my company is providing to outside world?
2) Why do I want to run this business?
3) Who are my clients and where do I reach them?
4) Do I have competitors? Who they are? What is the best they do in this business?
5) What is my unique point? How do I differ from my competitors?
6) What are the 20 ways of making this kind of business profitable ?

And just after answering to this questions I was moving forward to the strategy and budgeting.

Let's see short overview (maybe it will serve you an idea or a model of you future business, I am not afraid to share it)😃

So here are the brief answers for the main 6 questions:

1) What value my company is pro…

3 Things that limit your success!

The model of our world is created by our mental world and choices we make every day - to do or not to do, to compassion or to be mad on somebody, to complain or to find solutions. That is why our first barrier to achieve whatever we want are our knowledge and clear understanding what's happening with our emotional stage.

1) The limit of knowledge you have is limiting your success.

    Knowledge crucially influence our outputs in anything we do. Let's give you an example. Imagine, that you have to run a negotiation. If you don't know anything about your client, you hardly define what this client need and how you are able to cover his need by your services or products. That is why negotiations could be longer and less efficient, then if you would be prepared and know which kind of questions is good to address your interlocutor to emphasize his need and the value of the service or product you are selling. Also, knowing different techniques of negotiations, you can accelerat…

Why do you prefer calls much less then the face to face discussions. The emotional tricks of our brain.

Our brain has a fascinating function that explains why a lot of people like less the phone calls then a  face to face meetings. It is a function that creates a feeling of connection with other people. Did you heart anything about this before? If no, then this article is for you.

   Italian neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolati found mirror neurons in our brain, that reproduce other
people's emotions, when we see them acting. For example, when you see somebody open the book this neurons activate same part of your brain as you would be opening the book too. This important connection between other people's actions and us helps us to understand better people intentions and feel how do they feel about something. Usually this process we cal empathy - the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within the other person's frame of reference. It's like to place oneself in another's position.
   That is why we understand people's intent…

Discover 4 areas that form your well-being!

Our well-being is connected to different parts that affect us on different levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
    You probably heard before, that all problems are in our head. That reflects the influence of mental part of our well-being. Let me give you an example from my personal experience. I always tried to avoid any processes regarding to money management. In my professional and personal life, I always was feeling annoying to deal with money and be responsible for all planning and tracking. Why? There is a thing, that I realized being part of an amazing training about money management. I always saw a connection between money management and conflicts in relationship. So, my mind had a very deep believe, that a lot of conflicts, that effect crucially happiness in relationship, deal with money management. My parents were always arguing how they have to invest their money. My father usually took decisions based on long perspectives. As example, if we buy expensive c…

How to stop care what others think about you.

I always considered what people think about me! The sad part about this is that their opinions were really influencing me, my behavior and way of saying the truth. Admit, that it's so hard to not to give a sh*t, what people think about what you say, how good you are at the work or even how you look.

But few months ago I had a very interesting experience, that made me feel much peaceful and be happy with my own way of doing things without caring so much what people think about this.

   I have been walking on the street and saw a stranger who was staring at my shoes. I hope actually she liked them! But it was a weird feeling and my thoughts was all about this for the couple of seconds and then I was realizing, it's not my problem if she liked them or not! It's actually her problem if it wan't right for her! And this principle I started to apply for everything!

    If somebody don't like what I say - it's not my problem, it's their problem they have anothe…

Absolutely NEW tool to define your personal Vision and Mission!

For a very long time I have been looking for a tool that may help people to define their personal vision and mission  much faster and simpler then reflective questions, that you can't put together in just one sentence of your personal vision statement or mission statement.
   Have you ever find such a clear and easy tool before? If you did, I am more then exited to discover it for myself too! So, you are super welcome to share it in the comments!

   Otherwise, here we go! I developed a personal tool, that reflect all my knowledge and understanding about personal vision, mission and what makes the life of every individual balanced and happy.

  First, let me introduce what is it  Personal Vision. And what is it PersonalMission about?

Personal Vision - is a statement that reflects what you want to be in the future. It sounds simple, but a lot of people don't know, because it seems to be a very deep question and it reflects all our believes, our wishes and our values. It inspir…