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Сообщения за Сентябрь, 2017

What make me feel furious about what I am doing: trainer's experience.

I have been delivering trainings for the last 5 years.
   As a trainer I also attend regularly different courses, programs and seminars to explore new things, to get a doze of motivation, to establish new connections, to learn from others' experiences. And the sad part is when you see your colleagues making the stage just the promotional arena, forgetting about people's need learn or practice something.
    It's truly sad to realize how many participants invest their time, sacrificing the possibility to spend it with their family, to create a new business idea that can change maybe entire world or just invest their time in making something useful for society (as example - plant a tree).
    I would not like to point in this article people who call themselves "trainers" and don't provide value, because you probably met them  on your life journey, but I am feeling sad about other my colleagues, who make a fantastic job, changing people lives, helping them …

"You should" attitude kills productivity!

For how many times have you heard somebody saying that "you should" do something, act in a certain way, achieve more, etc? For how many times you have been telling yourself that you "should"?
      Let me assume, that both approaches don't sound very inspiring! Don't make you feel more enthusiastic to jump into a new journey, to implement new habits or principles in you life or any other things.
     "You should" attitude is creating a resistance in our mind. It's something that focus us on negative expectations, paint and fear to try.  What if there are other ways of making things that are important, but not so pleasant to do? Let's play with our mind and find interesting ways of dealing with the things we don't like so much, but have to do.

     From my personal experience I feel me more motivated, more wanting to do thing when:

a) I focus on positive things I get out of that particular activity. For example, I have to learn a…

5 Super important causes "why it's important to know yourself"!

Have you ever thought why some people develop faster or achieve their goals easier ? One of the key factors that makes the difference is knowing yourself!
     I would like to present you 5 causes why it's important to take time and reflect who you are and what you are doing.? How do you do every day's activities? What makes you strong? What could make you stronger? How do you use opportunities? How can you bring more impact in society? How can you be less dependent on external factors?
    Everything you have in your life now - is a result of the choices you once made. And the further you go with the wrong choices - the harder is to succeed or feel joy and happiness.

   So, here are the 5 causes I consider super important to understand yourself better and to make an impactful self assessment!

   1. When you go to shop, you buy items in limit of your money, right? So, the same with your potential: when you start an activity - you have to know the limit of your physical, …

The power of support in education can make a person that was afraid to speak in front of 3 people to rock the stage in front of 300 people!

Education today is one of the most important part of humankind development! Without it, anybody could manipulate masses and direct them in the way this power want masses to move! Why that I feel personally so important to provide education every single moment somebody around me needing this! I am ready to share my knowledge and get new ones from people around me!
     Today we made already a huge step into making people educated. The world literacy rate in 1917 was only 23 percent. Depending on estimates, the world literacy rate today is 86.1 percent (according to Singularity Hub ).
      But what is more important is the system of education: how do we teach our children, how do we prepare them for the future life.
      One of the aspects I feel super important in education that is lacked in many many countries is support! What the word? Yes, SUPPORT!
      There were studies that showed, when children are treated by teachers as children with high IQ, they bring outstanding re…

The "bigger" you are, the stronger you have to be to handle it!

Nowadays a lot of people feel "hungry" for development. This is a natural wish to become a better version of yourself, developing new skills. Or handling easier the situations you are out of control. So, it's totally ok to develop as fast as you can handle it!
       The interesting thing about your development is that the bigger you think, the more impact you bring. Right? There is also a dark part of our fast development. The bigger we become, our weak points raise up simultaneously (happening or being done at exactly the same time).

      Are you prepared to handle the bigger "dark" part of yourself? This is what you have to care about.
      Imagine, that you are running a small company of 3 people with the monthly revenue of 30 000$. And after certain programs or coaching sessions your team is raising to 10 people and the company starts to have 100 000$ revenue a month. That's an awesome change, isn't it?
      At this moment you become big…