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Сообщения за Август, 2017

The power of words- its not a magic, it's science!

Here I would like to share with you how powerful the words could influence your life! Look, you know what I am talking about: they can inspire us to write a song, they can broke our heart, they can influence us to buy a product, etc.

      Do you remember when you promised your friend something? And it was a hard time to do it? What was moving you forward? A promise....a word, said in a certain situation for a certain person with a certain attitude.

     There is also a scientific study that proves the crucial influence of the words we use. Harvard was studying the effect of using positive words or images, such as those related to rewards, victory, or security, at the start of a negotiation, rather than focusing on the items in dispute. This priming can trigger the production of oxytocin, the neurochemical that helps trigger feelings such as well-being, affinity, and security. That works because we are reactive for the things, that happens in our lives. And our choice of words has …

It's crucial for managers to know the difference between operations and strategy! Are you a manger? Check yourself then:

Different management tools ( management of quality, staff performance evaluation, exporting and importing, partner's collaboration, engineering, etc) that we use to enhance and improve the operational effectiveness of a company, very often CAN'T provide a sustainable profitability for the company. Did you faced or observed such situations in the company you run or work in?

     If yes, then I thing the main cause of that is based on your manager's capability to distinguish operational effectiveness and strategy. Operational management is different from the strategical one. The operational processes and tools have another purpose then the strategic ones.

Strategical management is about choosing what we want to achieve and why? "Strategy is more about choosing a unique and valuable position rooted in systems of activities", - affirmed Michael E. Porterin the "Harvard Business Review". Strategy management is a decision making process, based on com…

Cases of inefficient communication - do you reflect any of them for yourself?

The main point in efficient communication is to make other person clear about what we want him/her to do, understand, feel, etc. And very often we face with the problem that people do not understand what we meant. Let's take a look on 2 cases, that maybe you could reflect for yourself and see the patterns of inefficient communication, finding the answers and the key of successful communication with others.

 Case 1.

Ann works in a company, where respect is one of the key values. She is trying to introduce some changes in a process she is responsible for. Her manager is listening her new proposal and answer: " I understand your position and respect your opinion, but please make the things as I previously described in procedure"  

Did  Ann feel respect in this situation?
      Did Ann understand why she should continue a less effective procedure, at least in her world?

Here we see a case of inefficient communication:

A. Saying "I respect your position", doesn'…

Top 5 things you have to consider if you plan to achieve your goals!

Having a huge training and coaching experience in my background I observed several things, that it's good to know before you start to work on your goal setting. Let me share with you top 5 of them here:

Think about your goals in the way you'd have all resources you need to make them the most!

Very often we limit ourselves, focusing on things we don't have or don't know yet in order to achieve our goals. We barely believe that we will be able to achieve some of our the most ambitious goals ! And here is the trick: we kill our goals before even starting them.
Psychological studies have proved, that waiting for doing increase more your stress level, than actual doing!

It's important to just start doing things in order to step forward to your dream! Don't make a huge plan of 1 000 000 actions that damnly scare to start this gigantic movement! Just thing what is important to start with. A very little and easy step. Your first small action! Believe me from practica…