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How to define value from principle?

Let me present the differences between values and principles, presenting my friends' (let's call her Anna) story. Anna says that the most important thing  for her in relation is respect. How she behave, showing respect to others?

She do not interrupt her colleagues.She try to understand others position. Not just presenting her point of view.She  accept people as they are and do not try to change them So, in case of Anna, what do you think is value and what do you think is principle?
Values reflect important things in our lives, that do not have a physical form, but present a high level of value. 
Principles reflect a certain way of behavior.Principles help us to be aware about HOW we act.
So, in case of Anna, as you've already understood, "respect"- is value and "no interrupting" is principle. In conclusion, if you want to understand easier what are you talking about (value or principle) just check it by the questions:  - is it about "how to behave/…

What are the anchors of your life?

Our life remind me the sea, being the ship, floating on the waves!  Floating could be successful, if we know how to manage the ship and sail even if there are strong storms outside! The useful strategy in big storm is to lie down in a drift. That means to release a floating anchor or some weight  from the front part of the ship. So, anchors could help the ship to be more stable in the storm and survive it.

    For the human life the anchors are - values! Values are not material things of our life, that have important and worth value for us (for example: love, health). We can't touch them or divide in two, but we know that they exist as concept and have a certain form in our life, mean for us something special.
    Values divide our world in important things and not important once. Why that it's so important to know what is important for you, what fulfill your days with the special sense. If you experienced before the feeling of regret or had  a feeling of emptiness in the…

Have you ever tried goal setting as a family? My personal sharing.

Goal setting is an important part of my life. From school I have been organizing hardly my preparations for homework and tests. It was always in the last day or hour. So, It wasn't an easy time and I always was reminded by my parents that I need to do things.
   In university the weren't parents around me and I started to explore what can help me to succeed in my results and be able to achieve what I want. I have to mention that my courses were in not my native language and I really need a lot of time and to put a lot of effort to accomplish all tasks. In this way I started my journey, regarding GOAL SETTING.
   Today, I have a huge experience in making my goal true! And it's not so hard as it seems for a lot of us, if you know some secret principles that change your perception about things you want to have or become. One the newest experiences I had is goal setting with your partner.  Is more complex, because there is not just what you desire in this life. It's no…

Results or People? Things that matter more for company's success!

Every company want to succeed as fast as possible with the less possible costs, right? This concept in management world is called efficiency. Usually, top and middle managers in the company build  processes that assure the best way of development, that means the most efficient way to accomplish main  KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators). From theoretical point of view it's all about results.
   But if we take a  look what is behind that we will see another word: "PEOPLE"!

Who brings results? - PEOPLE!
Who decides how the company should develop? - PEOPLE!
Who pay for the company's services or product? - again PEOPLE!

   So, yes, It's all about people, their potential, the strategies they build and attitude they act!

   From one of the founders I have been working in 2014, I heard a very wise expression: "People come for the salary, but leave because of the Managers!" And that's absolutely true in my mind, because even incompetent employees were recruite…

Emotional state kills your successful communication!

How do you usually treat your interlocutor that behave confident?..With respect? With trust?
       How do you usually treat a person that look at you suspiciously?.. Probably, distrustful.

It's so important to realize that the inner state of your interlocutor affects your attitude and perception about him. This works same for him: your inner state effects his perception about you and your message! Our inner world is usually affected by emotions we experience at the moment of communication.

Let see how does it work.

Imagine a situation. You established an appointment with somebody. This somebody is late for 10 minutes. Now imagine 2 scenarios:

1) This somebody is a lovely person you care a lot and like unconditionally. What would you say to him or her when she would come?
"What happened, sweetie?" 
    "Oh, so glad you arrived, I was really worrying what happened"
    "My dear, I am so happy to see you, did you arrived safely?"

2) Now imagine that…

The habit of being thankful for people that make my life lighter and more successful!

It's super important to acknowledge people that contribute to your development and achievements! That is why I would like to thank people periodically for who am I today!

Jian Reza - is my teacher of Swedish courses. She is amazing, super energetic and very fair person! I feel our group very lucky that we have such a teacher, because It's super interesting to come for dynamic lessons (by the way, our lessons are almost half of the usual working day) and learn by discussing new concepts of Swedish society! She also sometimes organize our visits to museums or libraries and help new comers to integrate faster! I am very thankful for her energy, help to be included in society and her fair attitude to everybody!

Tetiana Siianko - is first person who believed in me and made me part of interesting project in Sweden "Startup Weekend", where I was able to connect with a lot of interesting people, mentors and super active young entrepreneurs. She is also an awesome example …

Do you think that taking notes during the training sessions is "a grandma's method "?

Yes and Not. These answers I will give to the question that you read in the headline of the article: "Do you think that taking notes during the training sessions is  "a grandma's method "?"

"Yes", because training is a form of education, that should consist 80% of practices. Even if there is parts of reflection  or debriefing - there is still a lot of practice, that help people to learn information. I love trainings more than usual courses, because it is about learning by doing. You practice and develop a certain skill, same as in sport. But in this case is your personal or professional skill. The trainer evaluate you and give feedback and you try again.

"No", because notes are super  important!
Let's see:

1) Because using notes and pencil (not laptop or phones) boost your understanding. When you write a note by hand it helps to recall the concepts in your brain, so you better understand them and memorize easier.
     A team of …

How to deal easier with your team-members?

A lot of people have difficulties in communication with their colleagues, because we have so many differences. We have different background, cultures, education, believes, values and so on. All of this makes us unique and reflects our personality. This part is beautiful about humans. The sad part is that is much harder to understand other people and their points of view  when we have different point of views.
   In this article I would like to share with you one of the concepts, that will bring more clarity to how is easier to understand your colleagues and deal efficiently with them. This concept is based on their strong qualities as team members.
   Usually, everybody has  a strong role in the team. To define this, ask yourself if your colleague like to wok more with:
- people, 
- ideas 
- ortasks?

Then ask yourself if this colleague is more focus on :
-result oriented person, strategical,
- process oriented person, tactical,
- or creative and motivational?

Choose the role you get …

One of my methods to deal with negative emotions in daily communication with my team

How many of you think that communication in the team is crucial  for high performances and trust feeling?
     How many of you saw how inefficient communication could effect negatively welfare of the  employees particularly and companies in general?
      Usually our communication is effected the most by our emotions. We make a lot of assumptions, we experience negative emotions, because we react in a certain way to the things that  happened.

      I experienced by myself that every time I see an unfair treatment from somebody to anybody around me or myself - I got on fire and can explode in criticism or  rude tone. But many people who deal with me could not describe me as impulsive or offensive person. And that's because I explore myself a lot to understand why do I have these reactions. For example, why if somebody from work calls me in weekend, it may irritate me. I know that in this case my emotions driven up, because I do not like when somebody feel in right to encroach…