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Cases of inefficient communication - do you reflect any of them for yourself?

    The main point in efficient communication is to make other person clear about what we want him/her to do, understand, feel, etc. And very often we face with the problem that people do not understand what we meant. Let's take a look on 2 cases, that maybe you could reflect for yourself and see the patterns of inefficient communication, finding the answers and the key of successful communication with others.

   Case 1.

      Ann works in a company, where respect is one of the key values. She is trying to introduce some changes in a process she is responsible for. Her manager is listening her new proposal and answer: " I understand your position and respect your opinion, but please make the things as I previously described in procedure"  
      Did  Ann feel respect in this situation?
      Did Ann understand why she should continue a less effective procedure, at least in her world?

Here we see a case of inefficient communication:

A. Saying "I respect your position", doesn't mean to show respect or leave the value of respect. Here we see wrong understanding of the same word for 2 different people.
B. Also, if the manager doesn't explain the value of previous procedure - Ann would feel disrespect at least because the manager didn't payed attention to her point and didn't find enough time to express his point of view.
C. Using "but" in a sentence is meaning to not to mean/believe in what you mentioned before that part. So, in this case the manager doesn't respect Ann's position.

    Case 2.

   Ann is working as a manager of sales team. She is listening how one of the team-members sale the product. After the client left their office she is coming to the team member and said: " You made me so disappointed,  we never approached the clients in this way, such people as you  effects so negatively our brand! I will give you one more chance and if the situation repeat- I will have to fire you!"
      Did  Ann explained what was wrong in the sales process?
      Did the salesperson find helpful this feedback? Does he know how to make a better sale next time and to not to ruin the brand impression?

Here we see another case of inefficient communication:

A. Saying "you made me so disappointed ", doesn't explain what made somebody feel disapointed
B. "This way" doesn't express which way: rude, soft, arrogantly, etc.
C.How does it affect the brand in a bad way also not clear. Because there less sales? Because customer didn't received enough information about the product? Because the salesperson was too pushy? You always should mention clearly what action have been done incorrect.
D. Also give an example of the good sale. Then it will be clear what do you expect from your employee (conversant)

Let's conclude:

1. Make clear that you put the same meaning in the same word (like respect)
2. Act congruently with your statements (don't say you respect, but de facto - you don't)
3. Come with clear and specific examples.( not something, this way, etc)

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