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Top 5 things you have to consider if you plan to achieve your goals!

     Having a huge training and coaching experience in my background I observed several things, that it's good to know before you start to work on your goal setting. Let me share with you top 5 of them here:

  1. Think about your goals in the way you'd have all resources you need to make them the most!

    Very often we limit ourselves, focusing on things we don't have or don't know yet in order to achieve our goals. We barely believe that we will be able to achieve some of our the most ambitious goals ! And here is the trick: we kill our goals before even starting them.
  2. Psychological studies have proved, that waiting for doing increase more your stress level, than actual doing!  
    It's important to just start doing things in order to step forward to your dream! Don't make a huge plan of 1 000 000 actions that damnly scare to start this gigantic movement! Just thing what is important to start with. A very little and easy step. Your first small action! Believe me from practical point of view - this little step is making people successful, wealthy, happy.
  3. Use your strengths and become the best!

    Don't fight with your weak points in the beginning of journey, they always will be in your life! But focus on the good qualities or skills that make help you to achieve your goals. This little trick can bring you confidence and a lot of victories on your way! Remember, what you focus on - expands! Expand your strengths and become the best!
  4. Think what you have to stop to do!

    Some people focus just on the things that should be done. But one of the good strategies is to think also what is good to stop to do! Activities that get you energy or decrease your productivity! For example, stop complain about problems, talk about possible solutions!
  5.  A super important think you have to think before you will proceed to your action plan is: what the goal achievement will make possible in you life? For what do you desire to achieve this goal?

    Some people want certain things without real understanding WHY do they need them. For example, somebody desire to have a very expansive and beautiful car. Is it his or her real goal? No! They want it to make other people to respect them, to admire their possibility to succeed and posses things that others can't. It is one of the scenarios, of course. But you see that is important to see WHY do we want to achieve certain things in the life. Because beautiful cars can't work in 100% of cases to bring you respect of other people!

    Let repeat this top 5 things, that important to remember before you start your goal setting:
  • think without limits!
  • don't think a lot, start doing!
  • use your strengths!
  • stop doing thing that are not supportive for you goal!
  • what will be possible, when you achieve this goal?

    Kind regards,


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