3 Things that limit your success!

   The model of our world is created by our mental world and choices we make every day - to do or not to do, to compassion or to be mad on somebody, to complain or to find solutions. That is why our first barrier to achieve whatever we want are our knowledge and clear understanding what's happening with our emotional stage.

1) The limit of knowledge you have is limiting your success.

    Knowledge crucially influence our outputs in anything we do. Let's give you an example. Imagine, that you have to run a negotiation. If you don't know anything about your client, you hardly define what this client need and how you are able to cover his need by your services or products. That is why negotiations could be longer and less efficient, then if you would be prepared and know which kind of questions is good to address your interlocutor to emphasize his need and the value of the service or product you are selling. Also, knowing different techniques of negotiations, you can accelerate them and get the positive answer. For example, using the technique of "3 yes" you will get the most probably the "yes" answer to your proposal. (this technique is about offering 3 question your interlocutor is answering for sure yes, then for the fourth one you ask him something you want to obtain an "yes" question . The probability is much higher that he will be open to say yes.) And voila, you get better results, achieving your goal!

2) Lack of emotional awareness discourage you to go forward to the BIG goal!

     Emotions are everything that makes you feel in a certain way, experiencing different actions. You could be exited about meeting with a new person, or you could be frustrated just having a call with somebody you don't know. You can be upset because somebody was not talking with you all day, but you can feel compassion for same person just because you know that his or her mother is in hospital now and this person is upset, being calm.
     So, the interesting part about what kind of emotions you experience is your choice. Let me explain. If you have a meeting with a person and he or she is late. The emotions you experience about this could be so different in different situations. For example, when you are waiting the person you have a strong warm relation- you would probably be concerned  and worrying what happened to him or her. If it is a person that always made you annoying, you probably would experience a huge irritation  for this situation too!
     As a consequence, do you realize that you have a choice  of experienced emotions?
     And usually our brain choose to experience the worse option, the worse emotions, since it makes its protection work. We focus on the worse possible scenario to protect us from all possible risks to our lives. That is why is important to be aware what emotions do we experience. Are they supportive? Or destructive? If they are destructive it makes us to stop taking the risks, doing things, expending our zone of influence. That properly stop us to obtain higher results, be successful and and achieve the goals.

3) The goal is not aligned to your personal vision, mission and values!

     A lot of people daily go to the work they hate, make things they need to do, lose their motivation and enthusiasm, burying their life in things that mean for them nothing.
     That happens when you don't know what do you want to be in this life, what is important for YOU! You don't know your mission on this planet and you don't realize what values are important in your life.
     It also could happen when you know about this, but you don't prioritize this things enough.
     Let's me give you an example: you want to become a writer. But your parents were considering it's not enough serious! So you went in university to engineering faculty. Then you start the job in the car industry. And then for 20 years you  work from 8:00 to 17:00, engineering  fast cars keeping them fuel efficiently and so on. And this work devastates you so much that it consume all your energy and you come home feeling empty, falling on your sofa and trying to relax after the tough day, because you have to wake up tomorrow early and be ready for the next day. Sounds exited?.. Don't think so! But this is the way a lot of people choose to live.
     That's why is important to know and feel what make you exited and happy, what you want to become in this life and every day to do at least a little thing, that makes your life meaningful!

    All these three elements provide you mental and emotional power to work efficiently on your goals and motivate you to do whatever it takes to be who YOU ARE!

Thank you for reading!


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