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Discover 4 areas that form your well-being!

    Our well-being is connected to different parts that affect us on different levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

    You probably heard before, that all problems are in our head. That reflects the influence of mental part of our well-being. Let me give you an example from my personal experience. I always tried to avoid any processes regarding to money management. In my professional and personal life, I always was feeling annoying to deal with money and be responsible for all planning and tracking. Why? There is a thing, that I realized being part of an amazing training about money management. I always saw a connection between money management and conflicts in relationship. So, my mind had a very deep believe, that a lot of conflicts, that effect crucially happiness in relationship, deal with money management. My parents were always arguing how they have to invest their money. My father usually took decisions based on long perspectives. As example, if we buy expensive car, we probably won’t need to repair it for a very long time that saves a lot of money in long perspective. My mom was thinking in short terms conditions. Like, do we have enough money to buy something expensive?      How we will manage other expenses then? And if it was hard in short term – she would prefer to buy less expensive car and fix some reparations later. So, it was always different prospective of the things ..and a lot of arguing. And It planted a seed of fear in my head, regarding to money management. As an effect: i was always delaying to pay all invoices till the last day, I was always trying to escape all organizational moments in the company, dealt with budgeting and money reporting. So, my mental world was blocking me to become an excellent money manager and make money work for me! 

    Other part that influences our well-being is emotional area.  Whenever we have an experience, it generates feelings that are associated with the same experiences from the past, and we develop a label to identify the emotion. Emotions and memories are categorized and stored, and they influence how we respond to experiences in the moment. 
     From the example I presented in the mental part, you could observe, that emotions I experienced about money issues were frustration, anger, emptiness. And it provokes in my life avoidance, because I didn’t want all these feeling to be part of my life. So emotional part form our attitudes about past experiences and form some believes, that again crucially affect our life.

     Another important part of our well-being is spiritual part. It’s about our deep believes and intuition. If mental part we are able to realize, then spiritual one is on our subconscious level.  It’s our deep, energetic connection with others and our strongest believes, our values. Usually this believes are the compass of where do you direct your energy, where is your focus. And from what do you get more energy? Being active? Having respect in your relationship? Helping others? And so on.
For example, since I believe that happy family relationship makes other fields of our life much more successful, I always will prioritize my family environment and will invest first there, because that gives me energy, confidence and happiness.

      And the last, but not the least part of our well-being is physical part. All three parts we discussed before – mental, emotional, spiritual, - forms our inner world. And it influences our outer world that reflects a Physical area of well-being.  This part is super important, since life is action! And it’s good to feel physically good. Otherwise we start to have diseases, has a poor immune system and much more affected by little distortions, we also have much less energy to go forward to our goals and happiness. Everybody realize how does it important to look fresh and energetic. Who likes to deal even in business field with a person, who looks like a zombie and don’t want anything? Nobody! It’s because weakness is associated with the low level of energy and bad looking.  Weakness means low result or even loses. But we all want to succeed!

So, if you want a balanced well-being, experiencing happiness and abundance, then start improve all this 4 areas by yourself or with the help of a good coach. If you need some inputs – I also will be happy to share what you can start with and improve your life in a coaching session. Contact me for more details at elena.ursu@inpowertraining.com and have a wonderful successful life!

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