The power of support in education can make a person that was afraid to speak in front of 3 people to rock the stage in front of 300 people!

     Education today is one of the most important part of humankind development! Without it, anybody could manipulate masses and direct them in the way this power want masses to move! Why that I feel personally so important to provide education every single moment somebody around me needing this! I am ready to share my knowledge and get new ones from people around me!
     Today we made already a huge step into making people educated. The world literacy rate in 1917 was only 23 percent. Depending on estimates, the world literacy rate today is 86.1 percent (according to Singularity Hub ).
      But what is more important is the system of education: how do we teach our children, how do we prepare them for the future life.
      One of the aspects I feel super important in education that is lacked in many many countries is support! What the word? Yes, SUPPORT!
      There were studies that showed, when children are treated by teachers as children with high IQ, they bring outstanding results in few months. Just because they feel themselves special, they feel SUPPORT of their teachers, they know that even they've made a mistake there is a lesson in this. So, they learn and go forward, having the courage to try again till the moment they figure out what is the answer!
     What's happening if the teacher doesn't provide the support?  The child is always pointed in making a WRONG thing! Making him or her stupid in front of many other children and we create by this kind of system the syndrome of "being afraid to look stupid" and to try different options! We kill in our children the most important thing - the believe in themselves.
    I was deciding after attending Train the Trainers in September 2017, where I had a chance to explore the 100% of support of the audience - to give this support to any speaker in front of me, any person I am gonna train and, of course, my own children! I saw how people changed and what they have been capable to do just in 5 days of the conference, having all the positive support of people around! It's incredible! People who have been afraid to talk in front of 3 people, where rocking the stage in front of 300 people, sinking them in energy, making them dancing, screaming and enjoying the moment of present! How many of you can do this?

   You know what? You don't have to be a genius for making this true, you just need the right people around you and remember that many people truly want you to succeed, because then they also will have a worthy time with you! Otherwise both parts will trash their time! True or True?
  So, offer the support the others need and you will get it back, empowering yourself and your skills!
  Best wishes, Elena! 


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