"You should" attitude kills productivity!

      For how many times have you heard somebody saying that "you should" do something, act in a certain way, achieve more, etc? For how many times you have been telling yourself that you "should"?
      Let me assume, that both approaches don't sound very inspiring! Don't make you feel more enthusiastic to jump into a new journey, to implement new habits or principles in you life or any other things.
     "You should" attitude is creating a resistance in our mind. It's something that focus us on negative expectations, paint and fear to try.  What if there are other ways of making things that are important, but not so pleasant to do? Let's play with our mind and find interesting ways of dealing with the things we don't like so much, but have to do.

     From my personal experience I feel me more motivated, more wanting to do thing when:

a) I focus on positive things I get out of that particular activity. For example, I have to learn a new language. It's hard to learn and remember  5-10 words a day. But I focus myself on my possibility to watch movies and read books in original language. And that makes me enjoy  them much more!

b) For short term activities I also think about an interesting reward for myself if I achieve the target! For example, if I do my morning exercises, I am spoiling myself with some nice chocolate at evening tea.

c) Another thing that also motivate me a lot is "what if I didn't have opportunity /resources to do this..." prospective. For example: If I didn't have my laptop, It would be super hard to write my blog. And then I feel so lucky I have all the opportunities to keep going writing the blog.
Just a random check-point: how many of you were thinking to write a blog will be nice idea to spread some knowledge or information you care around the world?
   And another question: hoe many of you do this weekly?
   It's hard to discipline yourself, moreover if you say "I should" write it. But if you start thinking, that If didn't have the laptop, you would not be able to write it and share. Then we feel much more "power" to actually do this!

As you see this methods are not hard, but applying them you can definitely change a lot of thing in your life! Let's practice something. make a list of 3 things you would like to do next week, but you usually deny it because of all kind of excuses.

Write the down in left part of the page:

Then in front of each activity write down what could be a reward for your achievements? It's not necessary something big or expansive. But something you will be happy to have or experience and that doesn't happen every day. There might be things, that other people could help you with if they support you in your development and ready to help.

As example:

1. I film a new video lesson/                                    I will by a new book for reading
2. I do 7 days in a row 5 minutes of exercises/        I will have a session of massage
3. I research 30 sources for my new training/         We will go with the family to a museum

And  hang up this list on a visible place, crossing out the ones you accomplish and celebrating your achievements! I am sure you will make thing moving much faster, applying this practice!


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