What make me feel furious about what I am doing: trainer's experience.

    I have been delivering trainings for the last 5 years.
   As a trainer I also attend regularly different courses, programs and seminars to explore new things, to get a doze of motivation, to establish new connections, to learn from others' experiences. And the sad part is when you see your colleagues making the stage just the promotional arena, forgetting about people's need learn or practice something.
    It's truly sad to realize how many participants invest their time, sacrificing the possibility to spend it with their family, to create a new business idea that can change maybe entire world or just invest their time in making something useful for society (as example - plant a tree).
    I would not like to point in this article people who call themselves "trainers" and don't provide value, because you probably met them  on your life journey, but I am feeling sad about other my colleagues, who make a fantastic job, changing people lives, helping them to realize what stop them to succeed, empower thousands of people with confidence to work on better results, spreading love, care and respect in this world.
    I don't say, that trainers, who chose as core activity of their life to train people , don't have to make money. It is the same as in any other job - you are payed for the value you provide. And I think you agree, that valuable knowledge cost a lot. But it is so wrong to think that if there is a free event- I will not provide so good value. The price for such event your audience give is TIME! And it is worth even more then money, because we can't take it back.
    So, I would like to conclude, that all my colleagues take responsibility for people who attend their training courses to make it valuable. Otherwise people who attend for the first time a poor value training will perceive the other ones as a horrible time-wasting time thing.
    And after such event you feel a need to THANK all the trainers who made an amazing job and created your experience so awesome, providing priceless value and making you a better person!!! Maybe I will miss somebody, since I met so many wonderful people in my life, but I will take a risk and will be happy to thank some amazing trainers here: Robert Rioppele,  Ilie Dercaci, T. Harv Eker, Marina Cucer, Tony Robbins, Mihaela Roscov, Markus de Maria, Olia Braguta, Marina Covalciuc, Bliar Singer, Victor Clima, Cristina Lisii, Pavel Moraru, Iulian Gulea, Dan Denuta, Andy Szekely, Irena Pocladova, Brian Tracy.
      They truly provided the value in my life and I would like to acknowledge that they work a lot to make this world a better place to live in!


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