5 Super important causes "why it's important to know yourself"!

     Have you ever thought why some people develop faster or achieve their goals easier ? One of the key factors that makes the difference is knowing yourself!
     I would like to present you 5 causes why it's important to take time and reflect who you are and what you are doing.? How do you do every day's activities? What makes you strong? What could make you stronger? How do you use opportunities? How can you bring more impact in society? How can you be less dependent on external factors?
    Everything you have in your life now - is a result of the choices you once made. And the further you go with the wrong choices - the harder is to succeed or feel joy and happiness.

   So, here are the 5 causes I consider super important to understand yourself better and to make an impactful self assessment!

   1. When you go to shop, you buy items in limit of your money, right? So, the same with your potential: when you start an activity - you have to know the limit of your physical, emotional, energetic resources, make clear what do you know and if it's enough for achieving the result you set, otherwise the result will differ from expectations!
      So, number one cause: make clear what do you need to have in your background to achieve a certain result?

2. When you swim against the river current it takes much more effort and you could give up at one moment, not achieving the final destination. Same in life, if you go against you personal values, pleasing everybody, then one day you'd give up or be so exhausted and  there will be no power to move forward.
     Self reflection is helping you to understand your values, empowering you with enthusiasm to achieve goals, that are truly important for your happiness! Why that you invest less effort in achieving your goals, but the results could be achieved much, much faster!

3. Self reflection make you clear how much do you value! If you give  a monkey the choice between a banana and the same amount of gold, probably the monkey will choose the banana, instead of gold, even we , humans, understand that with the same amount of gold is possible to buy tons of bananas.
    We are not going much further than a monkey, if we don't know what we are capable to do and how much it "cost". I saw a lot of wonderful people, whose skills were priceless, but they haven't been able to evaluate it quite high, so they have been satisfied with half of the salary they deserved in reality or even less.

4. A lot of people also struggle to succeed, because they never analyse what skill do they need to improve for becoming an irreplaceable employee. Usually there is one or two skills, that define your qualification lower than it could be. And the paradox is that, usually, the payment you get for your work is defined by the lowest skill you have for this kind of job.

5. And the last, but one of the strongest causes I believe that self-assessment is important in our life is to understand our fears. Usually, fears limit our success. And the better you know your fears, the better you can choose a challenge for yourself in order to pass through it! In this way people expand they comfort zone, expand their zone of influence.


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