The "bigger" you are, the stronger you have to be to handle it!

       Nowadays a lot of people feel "hungry" for development. This is a natural wish to become a better version of yourself, developing new skills. Or handling easier the situations you are out of control. So, it's totally ok to develop as fast as you can handle it!
       The interesting thing about your development is that the bigger you think, the more impact you bring. Right? There is also a dark part of our fast development. The bigger we become, our weak points raise up simultaneously (happening or being done at exactly the same time).

      Are you prepared to handle the bigger "dark" part of yourself? This is what you have to care about.
      Imagine, that you are running a small company of 3 people with the monthly revenue of 30 000$. And after certain programs or coaching sessions your team is raising to 10 people and the company starts to have 100 000$ revenue a month. That's an awesome change, isn't it?
      At this moment you become bigger!
      You influence more people!
      You can empower social processes and change the world faster!
So, how you will handle this? What will be the final social impact? Positive or Negative?
      That depends so much  on your capacity to handle your growing "dark" part! For example, if you made before the promises and wasn't able to keep them. Probably, 3 employees were effected and sad. Now, 10 people will suffer because of your negligible attitude (too slight or small in amount to be of importance).
      Another part of breaking the promises could also make you to break an agreement with your partner. That means that you can be suit for  causing big damages for your partner and it hypothetically could even end with your bankruptcy.
     So, the bigger you become, the bigger your weak points become. And the only one way to handle that is to work on them and make them less damaging!


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