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What are the anchors of your life?

    Our life remind me the sea, being the ship, floating on the waves!  Floating could be successful, if we know how to manage the ship and sail even if there are strong storms outside! The useful strategy in big storm is to lie down in a drift. That means to release a floating anchor or some weight  from the front part of the ship. So, anchors could help the ship to be more stable in the storm and survive it.

    For the human life the anchors are - values! Values are not material things of our life, that have important and worth value for us (for example: love, health). We can't touch them or divide in two, but we know that they exist as concept and have a certain form in our life, mean for us something special.
    Values divide our world in important things and not important once. Why that it's so important to know what is important for you, what fulfill your days with the special sense. If you experienced before the feeling of regret or had  a feeling of emptiness in the end of the full day, that means you have been acting against your values. Doing something that is not important, make us fill empty.
    Values define our choices. For example, if your manager ask you to stay at work an hour later to brainstorm a new project, but your partner were announcing you, that today you both go to cinema right after your job. What will you do?
    You probably could say "no" for your manager, because you want to keep the promise for your partner and you value relationship.
    You probably will say "yes" for your manager in case that you are expecting the salary improvement after extra work and then you can also invest in your relation ant take your partner in an unexpected trip for few days in exotic places.
     You probably could say "yes" for your manager, if you know that this meeting will teach you many things regarding your new position and you could raise up in career faster. Than you value of " relationship" is less important then "personal development".
    It's all about choices you do. Sometimes we even want to deny that  we value some things more than others, but the true is- if we pay attention to certain thinks more- this is the most powerful indicator of our priorities. Why? Attention - is about our time spending and time we can't take back or borrow from or friend!  So, if you say your health is very important, but you  can't find even 3 minutes a day to exercise, whom do you want to full?
    People that define their personal values are more aware what they want in their life and how to act in order to make it real. They find time for exercises if they say that health is important !
     Do you know your values?..


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The habit of being thankful for people that make my life lighter and more successful!

It's super important to acknowledge people that contribute to your development and achievements! That is why I would like to thank people periodically for who am I today!

Jian Reza - is my teacher of Swedish courses. She is amazing, super energetic and very fair person! I feel our group very lucky that we have such a teacher, because It's super interesting to come for dynamic lessons (by the way, our lessons are almost half of the usual working day) and learn by discussing new concepts of Swedish society! She also sometimes organize our visits to museums or libraries and help new comers to integrate faster! I am very thankful for her energy, help to be included in society and her fair attitude to everybody!

Tetiana Siianko - is first person who believed in me and made me part of interesting project in Sweden "Startup Weekend", where I was able to connect with a lot of interesting people, mentors and super active young entrepreneurs. She is also an awesome example …

Thanking the ones, that bring the impact in my life!

Hey, periodically I write about people that I feel very thankful, because they contribute to who I am today! They make me feel happier and show me a better world and many interesting opportunities around! Saying this, I would like to  mention in this article:

1. Inna Gurinova - is one of my best friends from former colleagues, that was always super straight about things and honestly presented her point of view. She is an amazing mom and friend, ready to give you a hand of help, good advice and a doze of positive motivation! I always felt that Inna can come up with a strong opinion about things, having wise arguments behind it!  No matter how far we are now, I am always feeling very happy when we talk  or call each other!

2. Zanda Saulite - is my today's colleague from Swedish courses and neighbor. I like her critical mind and very sharp humor! Zanda always gives  supportive hints during our experience of studding new language, since she knows it quite better then me. She can als…

Trust in yourself is a habit!

Lots of people would be able to achieve better results in their daily life, if they trusted themselves! Unfortunately, in many cases we do not believe 100% that we can achieve what we want. Our thoughts stop us to succeed!
   The good news is that we can change this! Trusting yourself is a habit and could be developed through repetition! Since we feel unsure in 2 cases:
1) when we experience something for the first time, we deal with something unknown.
2) when we experienced something negative previously  and have to repeat similar experience.

For example, when you have to talk in front of the audience, your emotions defined by previous experiences. If you didn't had the supportive audience before - you will feel very insecure or even stressed. Have you ever noticed that people, that have been supported by their family in childhood, feels more self confident and sure when they talk about something or take actions? It's because they have positive experience and are not afra…