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Do you think that taking notes during the training sessions is "a grandma's method "?

     Yes and Not. These answers I will give to the question that you read in the headline of the article: "Do you think that taking notes during the training sessions is  "a grandma's method "?"

    "Yes", because training is a form of education, that should consist 80% of practices. Even if there is parts of reflection  or debriefing - there is still a lot of practice, that help people to learn information. I love trainings more than usual courses, because it is about learning by doing. You practice and develop a certain skill, same as in sport. But in this case is your personal or professional skill. The trainer evaluate you and give feedback and you try again.

   "No", because notes are super  important!
Let's see:

1) Because using notes and pencil (not laptop or phones) boost your understanding. When you write a note by hand it helps to recall the concepts in your brain, so you better understand them and memorize easier.
     A team of researchers  from the University of California, Los Angeles, decided to test the effects handwriting or typing notes. Both groups that took notes by writing them down or typing them in computer in one hour could reproduce pretty much the same amount of facts. BUT! Students, that wrote down the notes were able to produce more ideas, based on lecture information. Because when you type the notes you are almost "copying" the concepts.  But when you write the notes- you process them and generate ideas.

2) Because writing the notes boost your capacities to apply the concepts in your life.
During the same experiment from the first point, researches reviewed in a week how the concepts the students learned  will be applied in practice. And again, student that were writing their notes had better results!

3) Also Ideas do not stay for long, but your notes you always can review and work on!

So, if you want to get the most from the trainings- write down the main things and make them work for you!

Wish you a successful day and share this article if you find it useful! Thank you so much for spreading the knowledge!


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