How to define value from principle?

 Let me present the differences between values and principles, presenting my friends' (let's call her Anna) story. Anna says that the most important thing  for her in relation is respect. How she behave, showing respect to others?

  1. She do not interrupt her colleagues.
  2. She try to understand others position. Not just presenting her point of view.
  3. She  accept people as they are and do not try to change them
So, in case of Anna, what do you think is value and what do you think is principle?

Values reflect important things in our lives, that do not have a physical form, but present a high level of value. 

Principles reflect a certain way of behavior.Principles help us to be aware about HOW we act.

So, in case of Anna, as you've already understood, "respect"- is value and "no interrupting" is principle.
In conclusion, if you want to understand easier what are you talking about (value or principle) just check it by the questions:
 - is it about "how to behave/act"? (principle)
 - or is it about "what is important for you?" (value)


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