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Results or People? Things that matter more for company's success!

  Every company want to succeed as fast as possible with the less possible costs, right? This concept in management world is called efficiency. Usually, top and middle managers in the company build  processes that assure the best way of development, that means the most efficient way to accomplish main  KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators). From theoretical point of view it's all about results.
   But if we take a  look what is behind that we will see another word: "PEOPLE"!

   Who brings results? - PEOPLE!
   Who decides how the company should develop? - PEOPLE!
   Who pay for the company's services or product? - again PEOPLE!

   So, yes, It's all about people, their potential, the strategies they build and attitude they act!

   From one of the founders I have been working in 2014, I heard a very wise expression: "People come for the salary, but leave because of the Managers!" And that's absolutely true in my mind, because even incompetent employees were recruited( approved) by managers. That means that the manager made the decision that this candidate has qualities and talents that will be enough to accomplish daily tasks. If it doesn't happen - who made the mistake? Manager that made the decision. So, every manager that aware of this, will always admit that the fails of his people - are his fails!

  Unfortunately nowadays, companies focus so much on results and performances, that people become the second thing. Why do I say this? Because If your manager discuss more with you about results, than "what do you think about current activity" or "how do you feel today " or "was the meeting useful for you?", that means the results are more important than you.

  If you are the manager check yourself how much do you pay attention for those, who actually bring results and make the company successful:
  1)  How much Time does your employee have to think what he or she can optimize in his/her activity? 
       If it's less then 20% - it means this person is just a tool in a big mechanism, that operate by order.

  2)  Do you know how your employees feel today, are they motivated and full of energy?
       If you talk about your employee and his feeling in the work space less then 20% of total time spend with employee, then you risk to not be able to prevent the problems before they will be evident.

  3) How much do you know about professional or personal development plans of your employee? His ambitious?
       How can you help or motivate your employee if you don't know what is his BIG goal? His plans in your company? If you know less then 80% of your employees goals - then I can assure that the turnover in your team is more then 20%.

Focus on people, manage them smartly and remember that this is the best capital you have in your company, always develop and help the to grow in order to succeed! First people, then results!


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