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3 top lessons of the year

Looking back at 2017, I  can obviously see many insights from the experiences I had. Many of them can be correlated to the things that happen in the others life for sure. So, i would like to share my top 3 lessons I learned in 2017.

First lesson:

 Money is not  the root of all evil!
    When people can help faster, better and more people? When you have more possibilities! These possibilities is easier to create or provide when you have money, neither you don't.
Let's really take a look, why a lot of people struggling in relationship discussing about money. Is it because they have them a lot. Or it's because they do not have them enough? I guess you know the answer!
    Also, it's much easier to surprise people you love, having money then not! You can make their dreams to become true faster and it's quite important since a lot of us do not live 100 years.
    Money is just a tool and same as knife - you can prepare a fantastic dinner with it or even kill somebody. It's just a tool in your hands, but it's important to have it. Imagine to prepare a fish or a great salad without using  a knife. We feel frustrated even in case it's not enough sharped. Now imagine if you will need to make it by stones or hands... So, money, actually resolve lots of our problem and can make the life more memorable! Unfortunately, a lot of us hear  from our family, mass media, teachers, friends bad or cruel stories about people, who have a lot of money and because of that we think money is "the root of all evil". But it's just because nobody really talks about people that make contribute to treating children from Malaria or other great examples of solving huge problems.
    So, my personal lesson is - I accept money as possibility to make this world better in a  faster way!

Second Lesson:

Plan everything you really want to achieve by SMART!
   Usually I make my goals for a year by SMART, since i already convinced how practical and lucrative the tool is. For those who do not remember, SMART means you make your goals very Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, in Time!
   But, i didn't formulate all my goals for 2017 by SMART and I can say, all of those I didn't achieved 100%. Why? I have been to self confident I know what I want. So here is my lesson- every time my brain is saying- "oh, I know it!"-, shut up and just apply the principle that works, don't let your brain to foolish you!
     It was still a good experience to see that if I don't apply SMART to my goals I do not really succeed! So, a great learning point and improvement for successful 2018!

Third lesson:
 Don't think too much, otherwise you never take actions!
 I have been lucky to experience a very interesting exercise during one of the trainings I attended in 2017 - where you have to break a finger thick arrow by vulnerable part of neck between  the clavicles. It's more a moral exercise, but the interesting part of it is in the beginning I was super enthusiastic to make it! After 10 minutes of explanations what could happen during the exercise I started feel so insecure and even close to skip it!
   So, I learned that the more I think about consequences my brain is doing a "really good" work by protecting me! But it's all that stop me from DOING! And my new approach to a lot of things as "5,4,3,2,1, do it" or it never happen!

What are the things you learned in 2017? Will be interesting to know what insights you had in outgoing year! Share it with us in cooments!


  1. I've learnt, that I have lots of energy to fulfill all my goals. I heard a lot about it, but never believed. This year I've realized, that I just don't focus my energy, it's so spread all around, that I don't have any meaningful result out of it. So, Number One: FOCUS.
    Also, changes take time. I appreciate my man for having patience towards my development. And, am applying same principle towards my friends. They can't change their habits or worldview in one day, so I am waiting, supporting, loving them and they are still my friends. Number Two: it takes time to change the mindset.
    And the last: there is always a balance. If I don't love myself - it's resulting in issues with health; if I love myself too much - it's affecting relations with close people. Same with money: focusing only on money is destroying other spheres, not having money - also not good :P So, balance is crucial and I am the one to define, where is my Golden Middle.

    1. That's so amazing to read, my dear Lada! I am super happy for seeing your better understanding of your potential as being high level energetic person and focusing it on right things to get better results! Totally agree that FOCUS is a huge power that make your life meaningful!
      Let's keep in touch and see how do you find the balance. I actually introduced some new principles in my NY planing that could bring more balance! So will share this in one of the videos, hopefully that could be useful for you too!!!! :*


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