Thanking the ones, that bring the impact in my life!

 Hey, periodically I write about people that I feel very thankful, because they contribute to who I am today! They make me feel happier and show me a better world and many interesting opportunities around! Saying this, I would like to  mention in this article:

1. Inna Gurinova - is one of my best friends from former colleagues, that was always super straight about things and honestly presented her point of view. She is an amazing mom and friend, ready to give you a hand of help, good advice and a doze of positive motivation! I always felt that Inna can come up with a strong opinion about things, having wise arguments behind it!  No matter how far we are now, I am always feeling very happy when we talk  or call each other!

2. Zanda Saulite - is my today's colleague from Swedish courses and neighbor. I like her critical mind and very sharp humor! Zanda always gives  supportive hints during our experience of studding new language, since she knows it quite better then me. She can also very efficiently present the most important things you need to know in a short amount of time and help you when you really need!

3. My  mom Svetlana - she is always keeping smile, even when she is furious or tired. I feel her love in every single world she is saying, when we talk together. She is always care how do I feel, what do I do and if there is anything needed. I am so grateful, for her kindness and believe in me!

4. My sweetheart - he is inspiring me to be a better version of myself each single day! His look at me is full of love, admiration and kindness. I always can find a wise advice or just a right word in his talks to get enough energized or become confident in my decisions. Collaborative attitude always make me feel that both of us are constantly winning, that i am thankful with all my heart for!

5. My first teacher of art - Nadejda,- that made me feel the art so infinitely  beautiful, with so many possibilities to create, feel and express myself! She was flying among the art class explaining us the basics of  creation, combined with logic of perspectives of the distance. She was so young feminine and in the same time powerful and firmly knew what is needed to be done.

6. My cousin  - Daniel,- he is very open and honest person, that helps you whatever it takes! If he promised anything- you can be 100% sure he will gonna do it. I remember how in 2012 I was part of the international project and he was supporting me with organizing! He is one of my relatives I always feel a deep respect and trust!

7. My teacher of literature from lyceum  -Ivanna Poleacova, - she is so intelligent and made me feel the beauty of metaphors and epithets, that every art piece we analyzed turned in a 3D composition with multiple slices  and story lines! She also was super sarcastic about stupid situations that was a thin way to teach people, inclusive the students. This special way of approach and making usual things special  contributed to my personality in my 15-16ths a lot!

I am very grateful for all these people and everybody who really make the experiences I live more interesting and easier! Together we can color each over life so simple!!! THANK YOU!


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